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Powerful films that turn
missions into movements.

Hudson Films Israel

We humans connect more deeply to stories than to simple information.

A story creates an emotional connection that inspires us.

When you create a film that tells your story, you’re inspiring your audience. And that’s how you create impact. 


We help visionaries and change-makers like you tell authentic stories that don't just share your impact—they amplify it.

Hudson Films helps you tell your story, powerfully.

Which story is for you?

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Impact Videos

These short and powerful videos, created specifically for mission-driven organizations, focuses on the impact you have, and the people you help.



This documentary-style promotional video gives your audience an inside look into your business, and how YOU uniquely help them.

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Branding Videos

From startups to entrepreneurs, our branding videos communicate trust and professionalism to your target audience.


Stories that create change

Documentary Films Israel

Itai: The Story that Changed Lives

When you lead with powerful storytelling, the facts speak for themselves.



  • Raised: 710,000 Dollars in 24 hours - 118%

  • Increased their donors by 95 over the 2020 campaign

  • Created a series of video content used to create buzz and build up to launch

Sarah Raanan: Aligning Your Vision

Communicating simply and clearly is paramount when it comes to speaking to your specific audience.



  • Successfully brought together 2 aspects of her business into one brand message

  • Truly amazed at how we put her story together in 3 minutes 

  • Proud to display her work on her new site 

Branding Video Service Israel
Branding Video Israel

ESN Testimonial: Immediate Impact

The biggest proof of your impact is letting the evidence speak for itself, straight from those you’ve affected most.



  • Increased leads and sales the SAME DAY it was released

  • Ready-to-go content for paid ads for the year

  • Increased traffic to her site and social media

How we make your vision come to life


I'm a filmmaker on a mission to amplify the voices of visionaries and change-makers through authentic, compelling storytelling.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we have to create change: change in your business, in your mission, or the way that people see you.

By bringing your unique vision to life on screen, we can inspire your audience to do more than just watch—we can motivate them to participate, support, and drive your mission forward.

Hudson Films Docustory
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Elisheva gets into the feeling of your story, not just the content.

"There's not enough space for me to write all the amazing things I want to say about Elisheva. She is an incredible film maker who is not just about the technical stuff but about what you are trying to convey. She gets into the feeling of your story, not just the content. Yeah, she's very professional, but she's also delightful to work with and makes even the most apprehensive, camera-shy person feel at ease. I highly recommend Elisheva for all your video needs!"

- Penina Taylor, Founder of Unorthoboxed

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