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Sarah Raanan: Aligning Your Vision


Mini Documentary Israel

Communicating simply and clearly is paramount when it comes to speaking to your specific audience.

Mini Documentary Hudson Films

The Challenge

Sarah Raanan was working as a successful branding photographer and instagram coach - but often found herself having to explain these two different aspects to her business, and how they worked together to serve her clients.

The Approach

Together, we created a fun and professional mini-doc that seamlessly represented these two vocations as two sides of the same coin.


Today, Sarah has incredible clarity and a tangible way to show her clients how she best serves them. 

Mini Documentary Israel Films

Watch the Video


Successfully brought together 2 aspects of her business into one brand message

Truly amazed at how we put her story together in 3 minutes

Proud to display her work on her new site 

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I’m ready to get started

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