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Why Stories

People are smart. They know when they’re being sold to. Gone are the days of hard sales that just bring in clients.

Audiences are looking for something more to connect with.

When you engage  your audience with powerful and targeted stories - be it yours or someone else’s - you are creating a level of trust with your audience that goes beyond any sales tactic.

We take the time to understand you and your unique audience and goals. We then work collaboratively to tell an authentic and powerful story that will increase your influence. 

Hudson films docustory Israel
Elisheva Hudson

Hey, I’m Elisheva.
Let me tell you my story.

When I was getting my MFA in Documentary Film at American University, I remember being plagued by this idea of what story I wanted to put out in the world. What do I even have to say? Documentary films have this incredible power to create change - but I was overwhelmed by the possibility of choosing just one topic to focus on.

That’s when it hit me. I don’t need to tell just one story to make an impact. I realized I could serve many different people, sharing their stories, having exponential impact. 

"I love the way that Elisheva weaved my story and my art together to create a final story that gave me the chills."

- Mushkie Uliel, Artist, Gates of Gold


Over 10 years later, I started to bring my love of documentary into the promotional film world.

And the medium is impactful, engaging, and most importantly, really builds a relationship between an organization and their audience.  Marketing today is no longer just about making a sale. It’s about expanding your influence.

And so, the mini-doc was born.

Elisheva Hudson Filmaker

Your story starts here.

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